Volunteer on campus

…it might just change your life

The campus volunteer program is a unique opportunity to gain firsthand program experience with Kenyan students. Volunteers create unbreakable bonds with the enthusiastic girls and welcoming staff.

How can I help?

Daraja Academy welcomes passionate volunteers that provide skill sets needed on campus. You can submit a project proposal to the volunteer committee for approval. Since the girls are in classes all day, projects should require time outside of the girls. Sample skills currently needed on campus:

IT Specialist – minimum 2 weeks
Security Specialist- minimum 2 weeks
Professional Organizer – minimum 2 weeks
Organic Farming – minimum 6 months

How long would I stay?

The length of stay depends on the time it takes to successfully implement your project. The minimum is 2 weeks and the average length is 2 weeks to 2 months.

Is there a fee?

Volunteers are asked to pay $1500/month or $75/day to finance their stay. Because Daraja Academy is a non-profit organization, your fees go directly to the school. This fee covers the costs associated with your stay, including room & board, meals 3x a day, and airport transfers. Many volunteers have successfully fundraised for their trip.

How do I apply?

Please submit your application and reference form to our volunteer coordinator at sarah@daraja-academy.org for approval. Your application will be evaluated by a committee and they will be in touch if you are accepted. Acceptance is based on a well-planned project, the academy’s needs and a volunteer’s past experience. For information about the volunteer program, please email Sarah at the email above. We would be happy to help answer your questions! You can read about personal volunteer experiences here.

Sue August

I first met Jason and Jenni at a fundraiser right after they acquired Daraja Academy. Their passion and vision for the school was inspiring. Over the next year I watched Daraja Academy become a reality as they welcomed their first class of girls. After hearing about another volunteer’s experience, I was sold! Within months I was on a plane to Nairobi with a suitcase filled with treats for the girls. Upon arrival, I found that my first challenge was to learn the names of the 26 girls and all the staff. Soon I learned not only the girl’s names, but where their families lived, their favorite subjects and what the wanted to be when they grew up. The school campus is spread over 60 acres and houses not only the students, but the teachers, kitchen staff, guards and all their families. In addition there are chicken, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, cows and birds that roam the lands. My accommodations were lovely – a rondoval (a circular building with thatched roof and mud walls) with a big bedroom, bath and sitting area. I felt safe walking around the campus and in the nearby towns. Equipped for any possible health challenge, I ate everything and didn’t have problems at all.

Over the two weeks of my visit, I taught several classes on public speaking. With time I watched some very shy girls gain confidence in their new skills. In the last week, they even asked for an extra class on their day off. These young girls are eager to learn all they can so that they have the skills to become successful doctors, nurses, journalists and teachers. I am confident that Daraja Academy is giving them what they need to realize their dreams. Leaving the girls of Daraja was tough. It was hard to say goodbye to these beautiful girls and the magic of Daraja. We were all comforted by my promise to visit again. I plan to return to to Daraja next Spring.

Charlotte Cameron

Volunteering at Daraja was a valuable and interesting experience that I will always treasure. Living at the foot of Mount Kenya in my own rondoval on the campus was fantastic. The scenery and wildlife was the perfect backdrop for my experience. As a volunteer at Daraja I was able to be involved in a multitude of activities. I started the school’s netball team, assisted the teachers, helped with the media club, tutored the girls and helped in the garden. The most rewarding experience was to meet and to get to know each of the girls. Despite their tough backgrounds they are so incredibly strong, motivated and honestly very inspirational. It was because of the girls that leaving Daraja was very difficult and yet happy as I felt so privileged to have been able to help them. I would highly recommend volunteering at Daraja to those with an adventurous spirit and to those who do not mind getting their hands dirty!