Transition Program

In order to continue the momentum of learning and growth, we have created a fifth-year Transition Program that will immediately follow the completion of secondary school to help the girls navigate the vulnerable required gap year imposed by the Kenyan government. This unique program will focus on the following elements:

  • Personal Finance — Budgeting, opening checking or M-pesa accounts, understanding and
    negotiating loans
  • Business Skills – Developing a business plan and learning the basics of running a business through a campus enterprise
  • Career Exploration and Choice — Exploring potential job potential and career paths
  • Community Leadership — How to interact with their communities and access community resources
  • Citizenship Responsibilities — Having a voice in one’s democracy, accessing important administrative offices
  • Integrity/Ethics Lessons — How to ethically conduct yourself within our personal and professional lives
  • Home Economics — Acquiring skills for greater material self-reliance, including developing a personal budget, and being responsible for shopping, cooking, and repairing personal items