Breaking News: Race for Daraja Goes Tri-Continental!

Breaking News: Race for Daraja Goes Tri-Continental!

We just found out a Race for Daraja team from Australia will participate in Bay to Breakers, bringing three continents together in support of girls’ education!

Separated by two oceans. United by a single cause.

The excitement for Bay to Breakers continues as Toorak College at Mount Eliza in Australia brings amazing news that around 50 girls have created a Race for Daraja team. The 9th graders are set to begin their 12k run at 4:30pm on May 19th, becoming the first team to start the race . Some girls will run a couple kilometers in teams, other will attempt the feat of completing the entire race in the hopes that their enthusiasm and perseverance will draw even more attention to this important cause.

Once the race in Australia has been completed, the girls are celebrating in style with a student-led disco-dance party, movies and a sleepover.

Equally impressive as the additional burst of momentum they’re bringing to this highly anticipated event, is the logo Team Toorak created. Great job, ladies, and welcome to the Daraja Family!




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