Volunteer on Campus

Three Ways To Get Involved On The Daraja Campus


Daraja Academy is proud to offer three unique immersion opportunities on our beautiful Nanyuki, Kenya campus.

Each of these programs is designed to offer participants meaningful work opportunities, participation in Daraja Girls’ activities, rich cultural immersion, adventures in nature, as well as time for relaxation and personal reflection.

These programs are carefully scheduled at specific times during the year to maximize support of Daraja’s rigorous academic curriculum and exam schedules.


Guest Programadvocate

The guest program provides an opportunity for Daraja donors and supporters to experience Daraja Academy and its surrounding vibrant culture. Led by the Daraja Volunteer Coordinator, guests will visit local wildlife conservancies, women’s cultural centers, and successful women-run community projects. Most importantly, guests will get to know the truly amazing and talented girls of Daraja Academy. The program has an 8-day itinerary and set price of $1,995.


2015 Guest Program Dates

March 16-23

June 29-May 6


IMG_4369Volunteer Program

Since our founding in 2009, we have relied on the generous spirit of our volunteers, and continue to be extremely grateful for their hard work as our school grows and thrives! To this end, we believe the most valuable work experience comes through activities that meet specific needs identified by our administration, staff and students. The goal of the volunteer program is to provide volunteers with an opportunity to share their skill or talent that is missing on Daraja’s campus, while also having a cultural immersion experience. The volunteer program is set during specific 1-2 week periods throughout the school year. Volunteer can stay from a few days up to 2 weeks. Price is $50 per day.Accommodations: Daraja provides volunteers with a comfortable, but rustic “banda” with private bathroom and shower, and 3 meals a day in our dining hall.

We are very pleased to offer the following on-going opportunities to volunteers with expertise in the following areas:

· Carpentry/Masonry: Daraja has a small maintenance staff who repair many of the day to day issues that arise—everything from fixing a door handle to plumbing pipe breaks. We would welcome a volunteer who has carpentry, masonry, or plumbing skills to work with our staff to develop their handy-man skills.

· Caterer/Restaurant Management: Daraja’s kitchen staff of 6 cook traditional Kenyan fare of rice, beans, vegetables, and potatoes for as many as 200 people each meal. We would welcome an expert in the field of catering to coach our kitchen staff in efficiently functioning kitchens and techniques for cooking large quantities of food that are healthy and taste great.

· Technology Specialist/Computer Maintenance: Daraja has an IT specialist charged with the care for all of Daraja’s technology – Internet, printers, iPads, iPods, computers, and cameras. Additionally, he teaches weekly computer classes to Daraja students. With the ever-expanding technology industry, our IT specialist would embrace professional development for computer maintenance, technology organization, and computer class curricula within the context of Daraja’s electricity and Internet abilities.

· Farming (Organic) & Sustainable Methods: Daraja’s 3-acre organic farm is centered on principles of permaculture and sustainable farming methods due to the drought-prone environment where the school is located. It is cared for 3 staff members We are always looking for farming experts to work with our farm staff on best practices to increase our food production for our kitchen.

· Domestic Animal Husbandry: Daraja is home to cows, geese, chickens, dogs, cats, and ducks. Daraja’s kitchen is dependent on the Farm’s milk and egg production. The drought environment around Daraja provides some challenges and we would be interested to have an expert work with our staff on the best methods to sustainably increase production..

· Specialist in Emergency/Safety Procedure/Disaster Preparedness: Due to the large number of people living on campus and visiting, we are looking for an emergency expert to work with our 7-member security team to develop a complete safety plan/disaster management plan in the event of an emergency.

· Muralist: Daraja’s campus is almost 20 years old and over the years, artists have come to paint murals on various buildings across campus to make our earth-colored buildings look a little brighter. We would welcome a muralist who can blend Daraja’s vision and art around campus.

· Project-based Learning Teacher: Daraja follows the Kenyan Education System, a rigorous curriculum. We believe that project- based learning makes the topics more than memorized facts and figures. Daraja Teachers are interested to learn more from an expert PBL teacher to complement the Kenyan curriculum .

· Transition Program Presenter: Business: The Transition program is designed to prepare participants for college, career, and community service. To this end, a portion of their coursework focuses on topics of business and entrepreneurship. We welcome volunteers with executive level business experience to work with our Transition students to prepare them for the realities of their future.

· Self-defense: Daraja’s WISH program focuses on identity and empowerment. We would welcome a volunteer who has experience teaching self-defense.

· CPR/First Aid Training/Public Health/HIV: Daraja’s campus is 30 minutes from the nearest hospital. Knowledge of and aptitude in First Aid and CPR are essential skills on the Daraja Campus. Daraja welcomes certified medical professionals to work with teachers, school counselor, dorm matron, staff, and students in first aid, CPR, and Public Health issues.

· Meditation/Yoga Teachings: Students participate in traditional sports activities throughout the week. However, we also believe meditation and yoga as valuable to maintaining a healthy mind and body for our students as they learn within the rigorous Kenyan curriculum. Daraja seeks a certified yoga instruction to teach correct posture and techniques of yoga and mediation.

· Public Speaking: Public speaking is an important tenet in our WISH (Women of Integrity, Strength, and Hope) empowerment class. Public speaking is an essential piece of communication for any level of leadership. We welcome volunteers who have expertise in public speaking who can work with our Transition students as well as our Academy students.

Additional opportunities will be posted throughout the year as specific needs are identified.

We encourage all potential volunteers to describe areas of expertise or experience they have which may not be included in the list above, as we are ALWAYS open to considering unique projects/presentations that enhance Daraja’s campus or progressive academic curriculum.

2015 Volunteer Program Dates

February 21-28

July 12-18

August 1-8

September 6-19


Intern Program

The Intern Program offers high school, university students, and graduate students an opportunity to learn about international development and the girls’ education revolution. Participants can intern for 1-6 months in areas such as computer technology, marketing/communications, or business administration. Interns are welcome year-round.



 We are extremely grateful for your interest in supporting Daraja Academy and look forward to welcoming you on campus soon! 

To apply for our Guest, Volunteer or Intern Program please contact  info@daraja-academy.org